Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Italy, dolphins and sewing machines

My folks were nice enough to let us take their nice camera back to Silverdale for a while, so I've been having fun playing with it. I thought the above picture summed up nicely what most of our days look like here - rainy and dreary. Makes it hard to get too enthusiastic about Psalm 118:24.

Our trip to Philadelphia was wonderful. We had much more time than our trip last year to spend time with family and a few friends. I was especially excited about how much Will got to see his grandparents, aunts, uncles and even cousins! It was the highlight of our trip that Andrew and I could watch him interact with his relatives. Will was an amazing traveler both ways, but especially on our way there with just me. He must have sensed that he needed to behave in order for me to keep my sanity because he was as good as gold on every flight we took! He was even able to muster up some smiles for Mimi and Papo when they picked us up in Newark at 2 AM. 

It was definitely difficult returning home. Andrew was off to work the morning after we got back and Will was up at 5 o'clock since he was still on eastern time. Of course that was the day the vacuum had to break right after we moved the christmas tree out to the curb. I also came down with the flu. So, I spent a good portion of that week sitting on our couch, armed with tissues and painkillers, picking pine needles out of my socks and wondering what happened to our wonderful vacation. Thankfully, we all adjusted, healed and got back to our normal routine. My parents are currently in Indonesia where my dad is teaching at a seminary in Jakarta. We've been receiving periodic email updates from my mom and it sounds like an amazing (and unusual) experience. I'm anxious for them to get back on American soil and hear more details.

Will seems like a different baby from a couple months ago. He's learned how to roll over both ways, so that's become his means of getting around. It's strange that I can no longer put him on a blanket and expect to find him in the same spot when I come back five minutes later. I can tell he can hardly wait to crawl. His grunts of frustration every time a toy is just out of reach seem to say his motivation is there, he just needs a little more practice and strength. He's also discovered he can scream. Not a sad scream, but just above a squeal of delight. He finds it hilarious to get his voice as high-pitched as possible and I get a kick out of it too - most of the time. He's sitting up on his own for short periods of itme and started solid foods just a week or so ago. So far the pureed peas produce some shivers and gagging (can you blame him?), but applesauce is a definite favorite. Overall, he's been doing well with that big step. Some days he eats a whole jar and some days he just enjoys biting the spoon. Speaking of which, I'm convinced some bottom teeth may be making an appearance soon. His gums are looking whiter and his increased fussiness and gnawing over the past few days are sending a pretty clear message.

For some reason sewing has been on my mind a lot lately. I've wanted to get a sewing machine and learn how to sew for years now, but I see the benefits of it especially now that I have an apartment to decorate and a little boy to dress. I get frustrated every time I see a cute pattern or neat ideas for curtains and have no means to make them! Anyway, that's definitely on my bucket list along with learning Italian and swimming with dolphins.

I think Italy and the dolphins can wait, though.