Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas decorations and new furniture!

These are the paintings that Ditters gave us!

This post is dedicated to Mama. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pictures and Orientation

Andrew is in his second week of orientation and things are going really well for him. They're working him hard with tests almost every day that he studies hard for and does very well! He's also getting harder PT now, but enjoying that as well. We're both very excited that he gets a 4-day weekend this week for Veterans Day, which means today is like a Friday! We have some things we'd like to get done, but we're also planning on doing lots of relaxing and spending time together. We're both mindful of the fact that he'll soon start leaving for two weeks at a time and we can't take for granted the time we have now.

We're still getting little bits of our apartment put together, hence the pictures. We recently got a little entertainment center, but I'll post pictures of that once we also get our coffee table! Then it'll look like a real live living room. :) 

We're having a few friends over for Thanksgiving, which we're both excited about. It'll be another couple we know and mostly single guys that aren't able to go home or anywhere else. I'm a little nervous about cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner for around ten hungry people, but maybe the pressure will be what I need. I'm sure the nightmares of burning the turkey black will start soon...

Andrew and I are still praying that we can come home for Christmas. At this point, it's still 50/50. We're hoping to get more information about it this weekend, so we'll see. Either way, we're very grateful that it looks like Andrew will have quite a few days off for Christmas! That doesn't necessarily mean we can go home, but at least he'll be home with me.