Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Babies having babies

Well, I am closing in on 30 weeks pregnant and still feeling good! I've had some minor issues here and there, but our baby is checking out healthy at every appointment and must be studying to be a kick boxer. He likes to wait until I've settled down to sleep for the night to show off his moves - a habit I hope he breaks once he's out of the womb. No high hopes on that though. :)

Our nursery is finally painted and we've been gathering most of the items we'll need for the little guy, thanks to generous gifts from our friends and family! I've had a blast putting everything together. Andrew laughs at all of my lists floating around the house - things we need at the diaper station, best ways to get babies to sleep, things to bring with us to the hospital, etc. I do like to be prepared! Some may say having all of the baby clothes and blankets washed and ready to go 10 weeks early is a bit excessive, but it makes me feel better. It also makes everything feel a little more real. We both have to remind ourselves occasionally that we're going to have a real live baby in this apartment soon.

I'd really like to have a natural birth if I can. I was all about epidurals for the first few months because I was under the impression that the only reason to refuse an epidural is pride. And I have none of that. ;) But after speaking with a few people and doing a little research on my own there are quite a few benefits to going all natural. I'm preparing myself for the fact that they may suggest an epidural and, obviously, if it's in the best interest of me and the baby then I won't refuse that. My main prayer is that I won't have to have a C-section because of my small figure or any other reason. I know these things are done daily and it's really nothing to worry about, but the idea of it flips me out a little. I would really be disappointed to lose the experience of pushing my baby out myself.

So Andrew will be spending the rest of this week alone with the cats while I'm in Charlotte at Jared's wedding! We were both extremely disappointed that he was unable to take leave for this week, but thankful, at least, that I'm able to go. It'll be wonderful to see family and spend time with everyone before the baby comes. Andrew has plans of going out for beers with some friends and possibly camping...with no tents...and sleeping with a knife in case bears come. Sigh.