Monday, March 28, 2011

It's a boy!!

We officially found out a couple weeks ago that Andrew and I will be having a little baby boy in roughly four months! Tomorrow actually marks exactly four months from my due date. Obviously, we are ecstatic. We've already decided on the name, but will be keeping it a surprise until our little guy is born.

Andrew's brother, Jon, just left yesterday from a week long visit here. The three of us had a great time wandering around Seattle, playing late night games of Scene It, eating at every restaurant Washington has to offer and showing him a little bit of our lives here on the west coast. We were so sad to drop him off at the airport yesterday, but so happy we'll be seeing him again this summer when he comes to meet his new nephew! Here's a great shot from when we took Jon to see Mt Rainier. Unfortunately, there was too much snow to go up the mountain, but the boys made their own fun by throwing enormous rocks and sticks into this river.

An exciting piece of news from the Oliphint side of the family is that my brother, Jared, will be marrying Jenny Pemberton on May 20th! I already bought my ticket to Charlotte, NC where the wedding will be held and we are praying hard that Andrew will get his leave approved to come as well. Besides the obvious fact that we want to be there to see Jared and Jenny get married, it's also a great chance for Andrew to meet some of my family that wasn't able to make it to our wedding last year! Their engagement pictures aren't quite ready yet, but here's a cute shot of the betrothed couple. :)

Andrew is currently finishing up his two weeks off and heading back to standing posts this coming Friday. My parents will be coming to spend a few days with us here around Easter, which we are looking so forward to! 

Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister-in-law, Kate!!