Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby update

I am 24 weeks today!

I had a great prenatal checkup this week. The doctor said I'm right on track with my weight gain, which was a great relief after hearing so many lectures about being so skinny. I'm not showing quite as much as normal, mainly due to my long torso and the fact that our baby will probably be a bit smaller than average, but I should be popping out more pretty soon. The baby's heartbeat is healthy and strong! He's gaining about 6 ounces per week these days and his facial features are almost completely formed. :) I've been feeling good, for the most part. My main complaint is lack of sleep, but I'm hearing I should get used to that.

Andrew's been working hard standing posts for the last week. It's been a very tough schedule because many of the guys in his division are gone temporarily for various reasons, so everyone has to pull a little more weight than usual. He's been very tired, but thankfully only has one more week to go of these difficult hours.

Thanks to all those who read our little updates and pray for us! Much appreciated.